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Kids: Chasing Paradise

  • Documentary

  • Country of production: Israel

  • Year of production: 2019

  • Length: 59 minutes

  • Language: English, French, Arabic, Flemish, Turkmen, Hebrew

Director: Wayne Kopping

Producer: Shoshana Palatnik, Raphael Shore

Writer: Fernanda Rossi, Shoshana Palatnik, Wayne Kopping, Raphael Shore

Cinematographer: Sasha Gorev

Editor: Wayne Kopping


Childhood is supposed to be a special time in a person’s life. A time to grow and play, to explore and learn about the world. All children deserve a peaceful upbringing and the opportunity to pursue a meaningful life.
But today, extremists are abusing children and teaching them hatred and violence.
Kids: Chasing Paradise is a powerful new documentary film that follows the stories of activists working to save children from extremism.



Kids Chasing Paradise - Still 4.jpg
Kids Chasing Paradise - Still 2.jpg
Kids Chasing Paradise - Still 1.jpg
Kids Chasing Paradise - Still 3.png
Kids Chasing Paradise - Still 5.jpg
isis in iraq5 Kids Chasing Paradise.jpg
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