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  • Experimental

  • Country of production: Italy

  • Year of production: 2023

  • Length: 14 minutes

  • Language: Italian


Director: Silvia Bertocchi
Producer: Silvia Bertocchi

Writer: Silvia Bertocchi

Cinematographer: Paolo Boriani

Editor: Paolo Boriani

Cast: Silvia Bertocchi, Roberto Dell’Era, Cristian Cadinu, Simonetta Napoleone, Francesco Conigliaro, Paola Campus, Simone Foa, Clara Sutton, Francesco Mariggiò, Billy Lopez


Regina Rosenberg is a psychologist with a promising career. It's a new day in Regina’s life. In the background, only the sound of the bass, played by a man who does not leave her alone for a moment, like her conscience. The two seem not to even see each other.

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