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  • Drama

  • Country of production:  Israel

  • Year of production: 2022

  • Length: 5:36 minutes

  • Language: Hebrew


Director: Adi Nagar

Producer: Adi Nagar

Writer: Adi Nagar

Cinematographer: Daniel Abergel And Aviv Nachshon

Editor: Aviv Nachshon
Cast: Noam Avisror, Shahar Mor Haim, Vered Daniel Amir, Miriam Mimi Gotsdiner, Yonatan Yaakov



Yarden calls the police on her manic-depressive brother, after he raised a hand on her for the first time in one of his outbursts. She is forced to face both her family who is in denial and the law enforcements who do not take the matter seriously.
Will her brother, Yuval, finally receive treatment or will he be sent back home again?

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