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1st Amateurs strike back ! International

You Have Me

  • Drama

  • Country of production: Italy, Israel

  • Year of production: 2019

  • Length:7 minutes

  • Language: English


Director & Producer: Yoel Darwish

Writer: Yoel Darwish

Editor & Cinematographer: Isaac Forsland

Cast: Micol Giglioti, Veronica Eli Shwartz 



Yoni and Demi, two young travelers who just met, share a friendly joint far from the rest of the group.  Since sexual connection is off the table because both have a partner at home, an emotional connection takes its place. The two talk about life, memories and their current relationships. Demi is free spirited and avoids asking questions she can’t answer, while Yoni is determined to know all the answers. The differences don’t set them apart but only pulls them closer. Eventually, the return to the group, and a wave on confusion hits Yoni.    

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LOGO 1.png
Getting to know each other יש לך אותי.jp
Behind the scences יש לך אותי.jpg
Demmy makes Yoni laugh יש לך אותי.jpg
An intimate moment יש לך אותי.jpg
Demmy enjoys the situation יש לך אותי.jp
Sexual tension between the two יש לך אות
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