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de Cine y Audiovisual Infantil y Juvenil
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  • Drama

  • Country of production: Israel

  • Year of production: 2014

  • Length: 34 minutes

  • Language: Hebrew (English subtitles)

Director: Yasmin Harel

Producer: Noa Paz

Writers: Yasmin Harel

Cinematography: Ben Hertzog

Editor: Almork Marsha

Actors: Ran Danker, Yael Abecassis, Yoram Yosephsberg, Rotem Moore, Yahav Friedman



A personal autobiography. The coming of age story of Amalia, a precocious 11 year old girl, on the brink of puberty, backdropped by early 90s day to day life in a small village in Israel. Her life is rocked on the return of her uncle, Nir, a charismatic and handsome man of 35. Nir comes back home after years in Paris, suffering from a mysterious illness. As he is the only one who understands Amalia, a symbiotic relationship is formed between the two. The connection evolves into a close bond, based on the mutual feeling of not belonging to the world around them. Nir enables Amalia to accept herself and she in return offers him last moments of grace and peace, right up to the inevitable end.

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