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  • Fiction

  • Country of production: Israel

  • Year of production: 2024

  • Length: 23 minutes

  • Language: Hebrew


Director: Afek Testa Launer

Producers: Ben E Vaknin, Afek Testa Launer

Writer: Afek Testa Launer

Cinematography: Shay Ater, Rachel Albert, G Latz

Editor: Zohar Melinek Ezra

Cast: Eyal Bukobza, Ben Green, Yael Abecassis


In the aftermath of his brother's suicide, Avihu encounters Netanel, an enigmatic transgender woman and fierce dancer, who strikingly mirrors his late brother. This transformative meeting propels them both on a shared journey, forcing Avihu to face his profound loss. 'TSHUVA' delves into themes of identity, grief, and a return to one's spiritual source.




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