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Transparent Injury

  • Documentary

  • Country of Production: Israel

  • Year of Production: 2015

  • Length: 13 Minutes

  • Language: Hebrew


Directed by: ​Tsipi Karlik

Produced by: Tsipi Karlik

Edited by: Tzahi Kohen Tsemah

Cinematography: Ran Shenk



The film follows the personal story of Ramy Yulzari, who experienced Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in the army. The film follows Ramy, his familiarity with his wife and children, while daily coping with PTSD. About five years ago, Rami formed a group, "Running with Rami", where he helps other people with PTSD cope with their trauma through running.

Transparent injury Still 1_edited.jpg
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