The Voyage

  • Documentary

  • Country of Production: Israel

  • Year of Production: 2021

  • Length: 70 Minutes

  • Language: Hebrew, English, German

Director: Itamar Wexler

Producer: Varda Wexler

Writer: Itamar Wexler

Cinematographers: Claus Kuhlmann, Meni Elias

Editor: Shimon Spector

Participants: Itamar Wexler, Avital Keinan, Dr. Astrid Ley, Ingo Wille 


We each heard a version of Grandma Sonia's death. She died in 1922 in Libau, Latvia; in 1929 in Copenhagen; in 1934 in Hamburg. Step by step, I discovered what really happened in Nazi Germany, and why and when everyone left for Palestine, and why Grandma Sonia wasn’t with them.

The Voyage_poster 50X70_Eng המסע.jpg
Ingo at Hamburg train station המסע.jpg
The family at the  Stolperstein placemen
Ingo & Itamar at the family house המסע.j