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The Holycoaster S(HIT) Circus

  • Documentary, Comedy

  • Country of production: Switzerland - Israel

  • Year of production: 2016

  • Length: 72 minutes

  • Language: German, Swiss German, English, Hebrew (English subtitles)


Director: Dennis Schwabenland, Sascha Engel

Producer: Dennis Schwabenland, Sascha Engel 

Writer: Sascha Engel 

Cinematography: Sascha Engel 

Editor: Sascha Engel 

Paticipants: Dennis Schwabenland, Ruby Edelman, Christoph Keller, Benjamin Spinnler, Raphael Urweider



An actor of the theatre-collective PENG! Palast wants to cancel a new project about heroes, due to personal reasons: In his family, there were no heroes but (apparently) a Nazi criminal. The theatre propose the group, as a rescue measure, to meet an Israeli collective. After arriving in Jerusalem, they find out, that the collective actually consists of dancers and not actors. All the persons involved are more and more caught in a web of prejudices and accusations. The pressure increases and a successful outcome of the project is highly unlikeable, until something unforeseeable happens...

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