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The Hidden Fountain

  • Documentary 

  • Country of production: Israel

  • Year of production: 2019

  • Length: 97 minutes

  • Language: Hebrew (English subtitles)



Director, writer and producer: Raquel Chalfi

Cinematographers: Jorge Gurvich,  Avital Merkler, Daniel Tadmon Chalfi,

Raquel Chalfi

Editor: Raquel Chalfi


She was an orphaned child toiling to support her family. Only after many harsh years she became the sculptor and poet Miriam Chalfi.  One of a few women-sculptors, alone in a "male-art", she smashed conventions and gender-borders. Her poetry, too, defies familiar genres.

She was adamant in her refusal to let me, her daughter, make this film.

It took me years to crack this taboo.

I made this film over many years of immense hardships – mirroring Miriam's way. Her arduous path demanded endless patience.  So did this film.

I had to work with next to no financial support, in underground conditions.

The film respects Time.  Endeavoring to crack the enigma of Miriam's life & art, the film moves forward, backward, in spirals – like memory.  Like the winding path of The Hidden Fountain. 

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