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The Faloop

  • Fiction

  • Country of production: Israel

  • Year of production: 2023

  • Length: 18 minutes

  • Language: Hebrew, Arabic


Director: Lotan Serur

Producer: Lotan Serur

Writers: Adar Levi, Lotan Serur 

Cinematographers: Manuek Pruss, Offek Hasid

Editor: Gal Herskovich

Cast: Alon Lior, Gil Zagory


Yonatan, 20, returns from India as a surprise with psychotic mania and a messianic vision for a new community. He arrives to the kibbutz where he grew up, in the Golan Heights, in the midst of the Shavuot ceremony. His older brother, Raz, tries to calm him down and keep him safe, but an explosion from the Syrian civil war sends the brothers on a cross-border journey.

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