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The Book

  • Fiction, Drama

  • Country of production: Palestine

  • Year of Production: 2022

  • Length: 20 Minutes

  • Language: Arabic


Directed by: Hisham Sliman

Produced by: Cinemana Horizon Ltd., Mohammed Bitar

Writed by: Nada Alyaseer

Cinematography: Saad Alcharuf

Edited by: Saad Bisharat

Cast: Nahida Shorrosh, Angham Ibrahim, Kinda Bsoul, Nahi Damouni


“The Book” reflects the gap between three generations and the conflict it creates. The traditional grandmother tries to enforce her beliefs on her daughter who struggles with achieving her dreams that seem unimportant in her community, and the granddaughter who struggles to understand her grandmother’s mindset.

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