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  • Documentary

  • Country of production: Palestine

  • Year of Production: 2022

  • Length: 35 Minutes

  • Language: Arabic


Directed by: Aleen Shoufani

Produced by: Aleen Shoufani

Cinematography: Said Jomaa, Sigal Zegman, Aleen Shoufani

Edited by: Wafi Khalil

Participants: Taqi Sabateen, Yusra Sabateen, Esraa Sabateen, 

Elyaa Sabateen, Jolan Sabateen


The film discusses the story of a known Palestinian graffiti artist, Taqi Sabateen, a painter from the West Bank, that expresses his frustration towards the occupation, the checkpoints, the Separation Wall, through his paintings and personal life stories.
Through his perspective, and his eyes, the camera reflects the distress of a whole nation, the distress of the Palestinian people.

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