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A Song of Ascension

  • Documentary

  • Country of production: Israel

  • Year of production: 2018

  • Length: 75 minutes

  • Language: Hebrew 

Directors: David Ofek, Gad Aisen

Producer: Enav Shenhar

Writers: Sigal Russak Gissin, David Ofek

Cinematographer: Gad Aisen     

Editor: Oded Tabak

Participants: Elad Rosenzweig, Rinat Rosenzweig, Enav Elharhar


The film follows three protagonists who bound their lives together: Elad, a young man who went in for a simple operation but ended up disabled. Despite his plight he chooses life. Rinat, his former girlfriend, came back to him after the operation and chose to marry him. For ten years they're unable to bear children. Einav, a single mother, chooses to be a surrogate mother for financial as well as altruistic reasons. The film documents the three protagonists' courageous relationship in light of their unusual choices as they share intimate moments on the way to the process's surprising ending.

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