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Haifa International Film Festival

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  • Fiction

  • Country of production: Israel

  • Year of production: 2019

  • Length: 24 minutes

  • Language: Hebrew

Director: Israela Shaer Meoded

Producer: Gil Sima

Writer: Israela Shaer Meoded

Editor: Iris Ozer

Cinematographer : Talia (Tulik) Galon

Cast: Moris Cohen, Tamara Gal-Oz, Yael Ben-Dor, Marco Carmel, 
Rinat Matatov, Yehudit Sayer


Shimon lives with his sick mother and older brother; weighed down by the heavy burden of providing for his family. Days before the holiday of Purim, Shimon receives a dismissal notice. Trying to postpone the inevitable, Shimon attempts to preserve his broken reality. Will he succeed?

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