Shadow of Truth

  • Documentary

  • Country of production: Israel

  • Year of Production: 2016

  • Length: 106 Minutes

  • Language: Hebrew (English subtitles)


Directed by: Yotam Guendelman & Ari Pines

Produced by: Mika Timor

Photographed by: Eitan Hatuka

Edited by: Gal Goffer


On December 2006, the body of Tair Rada was found inside the toilets at her school. A week later the police arrested Roman Zadorov, an immigrant who had worked there. After being interrogated intensively, he confessed to the murder. Even though Zadorov was convicted, many still believe he is innocent.

In 2012, a mysterious man came forward and told the police that his ex-girlfriend had confessed the murder to him and showed him a bag with a knife and clothes soaked in blood.

The movie embarks on a journey between conflicting narratives in order to examine if it is even possible to find the truth.