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Washington Jewish Film Festival 2016

Sara Levy Cohen

  • Documentary

  • Country of production: Israel

  • Year of production: 2014

  • Length: 13 minutes

  • Language: Ladino/Hebrew (English subtitles)

Director: Zohar Melinek

Producer: Zohar Melinek

Writer: Zohar Melinek

Cinematography: Zohar Melinek

Editor: Zohar Melinek

Participants: Sara Levy Cohen, Zohar Melinek



Sara Levy Cohen is 96 years old. She lived for 70 years in a modest apartment in Nahlaot in Jerusalem. Her Mothers' language, Ladino, is the way she used to communicate with her family and friends before immigrating to Israel.

In Israel she had to abandon her former language and adapt to the Hebrew language as a part of her new national status. Before she immigrated, Sarah lived in Turkey, Syria and Romania. She sang traditional songs in Ladino, underground, without the knowledge of her religious father. Sarah and her mothers' language, fading with the time, reveal a story of cultural identity in constant motion.

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