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Jerusalem Film Festival

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Rockfour: The Time Machine

  • Documentary

  • Country of production: Israel

  • Year of production: 2020

  • Length: 85 minutes

  • Language: Hebrew, English


Director: Gad Aisen

Producer: Gad Aisen

Writer: Gad Aisen

Cinematographer: Gad Aisen

Editors: Noit Geva + Yonatan Zur

Participants: Eli LuLai, Baruch Ben Yitzhak, Marc Lazare, Yaki Gani, 
Yoni Tennenbaum


Rockfour – one of the most significant Israeli bands.  Following a decade of absence, vulnerable Eli Lulai returns to Rockfour, leaving in the past the emotional turmoil that led him to quit the band in the midst of an American tour.

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Still 2 s רוקפור-מכונת הזמן.jpg
Still 5 רוקפור-מכונת הזמן.jpg
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