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Redemption By The Promenade

  • Documentary

  • Country of production: Israel

  • Year of production: 2022

  • Length: 25 minutes

  • Language: Hebrew

Director: Fanny Ben David

Producer: Fanny Ben David

Writer: Fanny Ben David

Cinematographer: Boaz Yaakov     

Editor: Miri Laufer

Participants: Iftah Ben David, Nadav Rozenshtein, Hanna Croll, Nurit Levin


Iftah Ben David preserves memorials of lost soldiers. His brother Itamar was killed as a soldier during a terrorist attack at Savoy Hotel. We follow Iftah's 47 years attempts for healing the pain, trying to unveil the confidential event details and working for proper commemoration of the event on the promenade.

LOGO 1.png
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