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Protected Space

  • Web series, Comedy

  • Country of production: Israel

  • Year of production: 2023

  • Length: 4 Ep. X 10 Min

  • Language: Hebrew 

Created by: Anna Fatahov

Director: Eyal Dickman

Writer: Anna Fatahov

Production: Ram Manovich, Anna Fatahov, Nitzan Rothschild, Eyal Dickman

Cinematographers: Gal Ginossar, Tova Dorfman, Eyal Malka 

Editors: Oxana Sotnikov, Anna Fatahov, Eyal Cibi

Cast: Anna Fatahov, Nitzan Rothschild, Dor Baranes,  Nofar Baranes


When yet another military conflict in the Gaza strip threatens to ruin the everyday routine, a group of Israeli students is determined not to let the constant missile attacks keep them from making the most out of their college experience. When missiles paint the sky orange, they will paint the town red.

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