• Fiction

  • Country of production: Israel

  • Year of production: 2020

  • Length: 19 minutes

  • Language: Hebrew, Arabic 


Director: Samira Saraya

Producing: Sari Ezouz Berger, Eli Laszlo Berger

Writer: Samira Saraya

Cinematographer: Talia (Tulik) Galon 

Editor: Sari Ezouz Berger

Cast: Samira Saraya, Hadas Yaron, Fidaa Zidane


Yasmine, an openly lesbian Arab nurse, finds out that her lover, Or, an intelligence officer in the Israeli army have been reporting on their relationship. Yasmine’s sister arrives for a visit from the West Bank, not knowing that she is going to meet the occupying enemy at her own sister’s house.