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Point of View

  • Fiction

  • Country of production: Israel

  • Year of production: 2017

  • Length: 17 minutes

  • Language: Hebrew (English subtitles)


Writer & Director: Lior Rubinstein

Executive producer: Ofer Lachish

Cinematographer: Dotan Gur

Editor: Lior Rubinstein

Cast: Amit Reiss, Sharon Friedman, Sandra Schonwald, Aya Eliyahu


Eli has just woken up, terrified, from a nightmare about his ex-girlfriend

having sex with a stranger, to find out that somebody in the apartment

next-door is drilling a hole into his bedroom.

When he goes to check his next-door neighbor’s apartment,

he is surprised to meet a strange handy-man who gives him a new point of view about himself.

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LOGO 1.png
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