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Toronto Jewish Film Festival 2015
Palm Spings Jewish Film Festival 2015
Miami Jewish Film Festival 2015
Vancouver Jewish Film Festival 2015
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Peter The 3rd

  • Drama-comedy

  • Country of production: Israel

  • Year of production: 2015

  • Length: 81 minutes

  • Language: Hebrew (English subtitles)


Director: Tommy Lang

Producers: Amir Gedalia, Tommy Lang, Asaf Liber

Writers: Dikla Dadon Ben-Zion, Tommy Lang

Cinematography: Shuki Guzik

Editor: Ori Ben Dov

Actors: Robert Hoenig, Dana Yadlin, Nathan Nathansohn, TarlovskI Shlomo( Momo), Pini Mittelman



This is the story of Peter, a 65 year old widower and a theater actor who never got a leading role. Now he lives every day like the day before: he goes to work and after that he meets his Romanian friends at the coffee shop. That's where he forms the unlikely friendship with Alona, a 28 year old talented waitress who writes blogs in her spare time.

As his friends jokingly encourage him to run for the Knesset in order to receive a Knesset member's pension, Alona offers her help. Together they form "The Widows and Widowers Party" while the group pitches in for their cause.

Peter offers Alona a place to stay and wisdom of life. She offers him the leading role of a lifetime.

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