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Out of Sleep

  • Fiction

  • Country of Production: Israel

  • Year of Production: 2024

  • Length: 15 Minutes

  • Language: Hebrew


Directed by: Elian Lszovsky, Yuval Erez

Produced by: Be Productions

Written by: Elian Lszovsky, Yuval Erez

Edited by: Margarita Linton

Cinematography: Ofer ben Yehuda

Cast: Riki Blich, Shlomi Tapiero, Ilanit Ben Yaakov, Arieli Kats



On a full moon night, Jasmine (8) wakes up and goes for a night walk while asleep. Her panicked mother Efi goes out to look for her, and at some point, her ex-husband Yaniv joins the search. Only when they agree to reconcile with the pain and blame for their family’s breakdown, will they be able to find their daughter and move on with their lives.

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