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Cinema South
Film Festival 2016
Special Screening
Famu 2017
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  • Drama

  • Country of production: Israel

  • Year of production: 2016

  • Length: 20 minutes

  • Language: Hebrew 


Director&Writer: Uri Schachter 

Producer: Gili Noy

Cinematography: Damien Tzatzkin

Editor: Adam Weingrod

Original music : Ben Weisman and Uri Schachter

Actors: Ben Weisman, Linoy Elbachar, Uriah Horesh, Yoram Ron, Eran Yehezkel



Ran, a seventeen year old teenager lies to his parents and leaves home for pointless wandering. He is thrown within he’s childhood realm, witnessing his world

undermined by a secret just discovered about his father's homosexuality.

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