Nation's Legacy of Severance

  • Experimental

  • Country of production: Canada/Israel

  • Year of production: 2014

  • Length: 15/47 minutes

  • No dialogues

Director: Zohar Melinek and Ray Lavers

Producer: Max Walker

Writer: Zohar Melinek

Cinematography: Ray Lavers

Editor: Zohar Melinek

Participants: Zohar Melinek, Mary St-Amand Williamson



Nation’s Legacy of Severance is the film adaptation of the original 2010 choreography by artists Zohar Melinek and Mary St-Amand Williamson. The Video-Dance follows two characters in their journey through transient states of dispossession and exile, isolation and madness in a politically unstable environment. The film addresses national and communal struggles of self-determination and displacement. The characters pass through states of dispossession and exile evoking an unstable psychological and physical trial, a conflicted shared state: one of liberation and loss. They represent the result of a defeated society, lacking stability.

Blow-Up Film
Festival 2016