My friend, Yaniv

  • Documentary 

  • Country of production: Israel

  • Year of production: 2016

  • Length: 45 minutes

  • Language: Hebrew (English subtitles)


Director: Maayan Schwartz

Editor: Amir Jorji

Cinematographers : Ran Braginsky, Maayan Schwartz

Producer:  Moran Nakar

Animation: Yael Hen, Yarden Kuler

Sound:  Nevet Mazor, Matan Dorembus

Sound Design: Michal Gidon

Original Music: Hagi Glick

On Line Editor: Ran braginsky

Participants :Yaniv Aviran, Maayan Schwartz, Gladis Tauhop , Shimon Aviran,  Rachel Aviran, Michal Aviran Nisanov, Uri Nisanov, Elad Cohen, Ran Bitun , Nir Dahan, Hen Ben Hemo

With the support of: Sapir college, Gesher Multicultural film fund, Bernstein foundation, The Jerusalem foundation,  Ministry of sports and culture, Israeli film council, Jerusalem Cinematheque



Yaniv (28) lives in Kiryat Ata, (suburban city in northern part of Israel), with his parents. Over the years, Yaniv witnessed best friends leave home, his little sister get married and leave home, and his copy writing colleagues work and succeed in Tel Aviv, while he himself remained at home with his parents and his caregiver. Maayan and Yaniv have been friends for over 10 years.  The film provides a glimpse into their honest  companionship. Recently, Yaniv shares with Maayan, (the filmmaker) his desire to leave home in order to become truly independent for the first time, even at the cost of risking his own life. Yaniv takes us on a journey full of humor, which challenges conventional thinking about what it means to be alive. The film displays life as a constant struggle between desire and determination, between body and spirit and between helplessness  and optimism. Which will prevail?

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Festivals :


- Cinema South Festival , Sderot , Israel, 2016 


- The Jerusalem International Film Festival, Israel, 2016


- Cinema South Festival , Sderot , Israel, 2016  - Second place and Best Documentary


- The Jerusalem International Film Festival , Israel, 2016- Special Screening


- LISTIPAD – Minsk Belarus 2016

- International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam – Holland , 2016




Jury Statement : " The film draws a portrait of a man with a rich , brave and inspiring soul . The structure of the film creates Yaniv's world, in a sensitive, accurate and smart way. It also expresses the strong friendship which exists between the director and Yaniv. The story of Yaniv rises up to a metaphor of the victory between the spirit against all odds".