Jerusalem Film Festival

Jerusalem Film Festival

  • Fantasy

  • Country of production: Israel, Serbia

  • Year of production: 2018

  • Length: 16 minutes

  • Language: No dialogue 

Director: Yoram Ever-Hadani

Producer: Yoram Ever-Hadani, Kobi Hoffmann, Milos Djukelic  

Writer: Yoram Ever-Hadani

Cinematography: Tobias Hochstein

Editor: Shaun Broude

Actors: Nikola Vujović, Jelena Stupljanin 


Moon Drops is a magical fairy tale with no dialogues.  A factory worker tired of his dead-end job, assembles an enigmatic machine that produces liquid drops from the moonlight. The bottled drops are a hard sell at the town market. But all changes when their surprising effect is revealed.

Moon Drops