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Mom's Angels

  • Documentary

  • Country of production: Israel

  • Year of production: 2021

  • Length: 41 minutes

  • Language: Hebrew, Polish


Director: Taliya Finkel

Producers: Batia Kramer, Shoshi Zupnik

Writer: Taliya Finkel

Cinematographer: Taliya Finkel

Editor: Ami Drozd

Participants: Chaya Kramer, Zbisha Karchewski, Batia Kramer, Shoshana Zupnik


“Mom’s Angels” is the journey of a young woman escaping the horrors of the Holocaust as told by Chaya Kramer who reunites at the age of 96 with the son of her saviors.

As her two daughters discuss their mother’s experiences, they discover something about their mother they never knew. 

This is a film about hope and belief in the best of humans even in the darkest period in history - the Holocaust.

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