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The Longings of Maya Gordon

  • Documentary

  • Country of production: Israel

  • Year of Production: 2017

  • Length: 57 Minutes

  • Language: Hebrew (English subtitles)


Directed by: Yair Lev, Etty Wieseltier

Produced and Edited by: Etty Wieseltier

Written by: Yair Lev, Gil Ashery

Photographed by: Yossi Aviram

Original Soundtrack by: Maya Felixbrodt

Sound Designer: Michael Emet


Introducing a non-conformist and unconventional woman who, in the name of uncompromising authenticity, gave up family and home, the film follows the international artist, Maya Gordon, for a decade in Israel, Poland and Holland. Throughout her search for home and love she meets, in an incidental yet uniquely moving encounter, a shell shocked war veteran. Will those two unsettled souls will find peace of mind together? The second axis introduces her extraordinary art that encapsulates her desires and longings and raises questions of feminine and national identity, aging, love and self-realisation.

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