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Like a Butterfly

  • Documentary 

  • Country of production: Israel

  • Year of production: 2024

  • Length: 26 minutes

  • Language: Hebrew 


Director: Iris Gershon Nagar

Producer: Iris Gershon Nagar
Writer: Iris Gershon Nagar

Editor: Omer Yefman

Cinematographers: Moshe Amar, Iris Gershon Nagar
Participants: Alfredo Gershon, Ruth Shmuel, Omer Nagar, Shachar Nagar            


Alfred (81) is a colorful street philosopher, loved by women, but it’s Ruth (77) who he has loved the most. After 18 years of separation, their daughter sets out to confront the past and try to reunite the family.

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