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  • Drama, fiction

  • Year of production: 2016

  • Length: 9 minutes

  • Language: Hebrew 


Writer and Director: Noga Dekel

Producer: Noam Shaul

Cinematography: Tomer Levine

Editor: Noga Dekel

Actors: Maor Gath, Inna Talmon, Elishay Maytav, Sitar Maytav, Gal Asayag



Daniel is a gentle and contemplative young man. He finds himself, during his normal daily routine, wandering around Dizengoff Center Mall as someone who doesn't belong to his surrounding, looking for something that's unknown. He is apathetically gazing apathetically at small details, until a tear of a random young girl at a beauty stand breaks his peace. Daniel continues to the railway station, where he is forced to crowd together on a bench with several random and diverse figures, further intensifying his feeling of not belonging to the environment. A small and seemingly negligible event on the bench, leads Daniel to an emotional relief at the train's restrooms.

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