Best Cinematography
Kolkata Shorts International
Film Festival 2015

Joseph's Ballad

  • Drama, War

  • Country of production: Israel

  • Year of production: 2015

  • Length: 38 minutes

  • Language: Hebrew & Arabic (English subtitles)


Director: Riki Shelach

Producers: Zvi Shapira, Riki Shelach

Writers: Roy Rashkes & Rami Andrei Rodan

Cinematography: Rami Agami

Editor: Efrat Ben Yaakov

Actors: Miki Geva, Ragib Abu Ruken, Rabia Chori, Machmud Mora Itai Szor



Nablus. Joseph's Tomb. September 1st 2000.

Four men – a Druze soldier, an orthodox Jew, a Jewish soldier and the Arab caretaker of the tomb are surrounded by anxious and dangerous mob. Stones are being thrown at them and shots are fired. In the few hours left before dying or being rescued they have no choice but to listen to one another.

Based on a true story, "Joseph's Ballade" is a chronicle of a death foretold in a country full of bloodshed.

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