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  • Documentary

  • Country of production: Israel

  • Year of production: 2020

  • Length: 50 minutes

  • Language: Hebrew

Director: Naama Pyritz

Producer: Naama Pyritz

Writers: Ido Muchrik, Naama Pyritz, Sinai Abt

Cinematographer: Avner Shahaf

Editing: Ido Muchrik

Participants:  Marsha and Avi Goldstein, Shalom Wexler, Batya Bauber. 
Dr. Nitza Yarom


“Isolated” was filmed between two lockdowns due to Covid19. Our characters, the elderly, are those who were targeted as most vulnerable. The restrictions set by the government to protect them from Covid19 exposed them more than any other sector in the population to horrifying reality of loneliness.

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