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  • Fiction. Animation.

  • Country of Production: Israel

  • Year of Production: 2021

  • Length: 10 Minutes

  • Language: No dialogue


Directed by: Jacob Arenber

Produced by: Jacob Arenber

Written by: Jacob Arenber

Edited by: Tal Tsfati

Animation: Tal Tsfati


The story of Yael and her daughter Hilly.  Yael is used to think that Hilly is like her tail, always behind her. One day Hilly get sick with “hypogravitation”, a disease that causes her to detach from the ground, and Yael has to tie her to herself with a string so that Hilly does not disappear into the sky. Over time Hilly grows up, and it's hard for her to stay so close, and Yael gradually realizes that here comes the moment when she will be force to let Hilly go.

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