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  • Documentary

  • Country of production: Israel

  • Year of production: 2016

  • Length: 58 minutes

  • Language: Hebrew (English subtitles)


Director: Asaf Lavi Harel

Producer: Oren Cahanovic

Cinematography: Oren Cahanovic, Udi Eizenkot, Dror Meiri, Maor Koren

Editor: Asaf Lavi Harel



Oren Cahanovich, 28, a student at Haifa University, has chosen an unusual living arrangement. Instead of sharing an apartment with roommates and paying rent, utilities, and municipal taxes, he decides to set up a tent on Mount Carmel and live in the forest as a modern-day Robinson Crusoe. When he falls in love with a German girl, he is forced to choose between living the life of an eternal child and coming to terms with the real world. His tent existence and takes on new meaning, when it coincides with the eruption of social protests and the Mount Carmel forest fire.


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