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Hero of Israel

  • Documentary

  • Country of Production: Israel

  • Year of Production: 2018

  • Length: 49 Minutes

  • Language: Hebrew, Arabic.


Directed by: Tal Michael, David Ofek

Produced by: Ronnie Manor

Written by: Tal Michael, David Ofek

Edited by: Ido Bahat

Cinematography: Tulik Galon

Participants: Baha Shwamra, Muhammad Sharabany, 
Michael Teplow


After spending seven years in a Palestinian prison for the collaboration with the Jewish State, Baha escapes to Israel in search for asylum. In spite of the death penalty that awaits him should he return to his home village, his requests are being refused repeatedly.  A very strange attorney, Michael Teplew, is a religious settler, and ideologist, sees collaborators as Zaddikim (righteous men). He believes with all his heart that it's his duty as a Jew to help these "Gerim" (foreign residents) - Palestinians who risked their lives to help Israel. 

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גיבור ישראל.jpg
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