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Here and Now

  • Drama

  • Country of production: Israel

  • Year of production: 2018

  • Length: 90 minutes

  • Language: Hebrew, Russian

Director: Roman Shumunov

Producer: Itai Tamir

Writers: Alex Plavnik, Roman Shumunov

Cinematographer: Ziv Berkovich

Editing: Haim Tabakman, Maor Keshet

Cast:  Vlad Dubinsky, Mishel Vainberg, Zura Kartvelashvili, Renat Hasanov, Eduard Khmelnitsky, Helen Pogosov


A social drama told through four young immigrant friends living in a poor neighborhood in the Israeli city of Ashdod. Surviving day to day, they form a rap group and devote their time to rehearsing for an audition to an upcoming international music festival. They believe that winning the musical competition will allow them to make their voices heard, to influence their harsh reality.

כאן ועכשיו פוסטר רשמי באדיבות לילה סרטים


כאן ועכשיו לילה סרטים צלם זיו ברקוביץ' v
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