Father Tongue

  • Drama

  • Country of production: Israel

  • Year of production: 2022

  • Length: 18 minutes

  • Language: Hebrew


Director: Ivgeny Gashinsky
Producer: Iris Ben Moshe

Writer: Ivgeny Gashinsky

Cinematographer: Johnathan (Johnny) Karny

Editor: Iris Ben Moshe

Cast: Miki Leon, Miko Reynlib, Anna Zharova, Ariel Lindzen Geron



A non-functional relationship between Dror (10), a deaf child and Moshik, his father who struggles to accept his deafness. Moshik insists on integrating Dror in a school for hearing children, where Dror experiences bullying. He first sees his son’s distress after Dror attacks the class bully and is expelled. Now the two have to communicate to find solutions.

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