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Did You Really Say No

  • Music Video

  • Country of production: France, Israel

  • Year of production: 2017

  • Length: 4 minutes

  • Language: English 


Writer & Director: Oren Lavie

Cinematographer: David Stragmeister

Editor: Dafi Farbman

Music by: Oren Lavie and Vanessa Paradis


A couple – a man and a woman - live together in a house that is too big for the size of their relationship. Unable to communicate their feelings to each other, their attempts at dialog and gestures fade into silence.

A group of human figures dressed in black live with them inside the house. They are the ghosts of their relationship: their unspoken angers, fears, disappointments - which have accumulated with the years and have become a barrier, filling out the physical and emotional space between the couple.


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