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Dancing on the Waves

  • Clip

  • Country of production: Israel

  • Year of production: 2024

  • Length: 4 minutes

  • Language: No dialogue.

Director: Efrat Shamir

Producer: Efrat Shamir
Writer: Efrat Shamir

Cinematographer: Roy Maayan

Editor: Gil Volfson
Cast: Efrat Shamir, Ziv Grinberg, Kahal Shay


The video depicts the creation of music from the actual sounds of real live instruments combined with the imagined sounds of a sand-made piano, built throughout the clip. While the sand piano dissolves to the slightest touch of the pianist, the music persists even after the fantasy is over.

clip poster.jpg


Players_ silhouette at sunrise.jpeg
Players looking at the pianist walking towards the sea.jpeg
Pianist sitting next to the sand piano.jpeg
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