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  • Fiction

  • Country of production: Israel

  • Year of production: 2022

  • Length: 17 minutes

  • Language: Hebrew

    Director: Laron Shwartzman
    Producer: Laron Shwartzman
    Writer: Laron Shwartzman
    Cinematography: Din Barenboim
    Editor: Alon Duchovni
    Cast: Eldad Ben Tora, David Bar Ilan, Omri Rechter, Michael Regev, Avram Bayech, Noam Swisa, Talia Tiv, Ariel Aziz

    Dror, a high school teacher in a small neighborhood, finds himself managing a fight club together with one of his students, Yonatan. When the situation gets complicated and a child dies due to their lack of control in the fights, the relationship between Dror and Jonathan completely falls apart.

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