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12th International Inter University Shor


  • Drama

  • Country of production: Israel

  • Year of production: 2019

  • Length: 13 minutes

  • Language: Hebrew

    Director: Imanuel Demidov
    Producer: Emanuelle Lang
    Writer: Imanuel Demidov
    Cinematography: Pyoter Pinyaev And Ksenia Kazazayeva
    Editor: Joshua Halpern
    Cast: Ailon Shinar, Avi Pnini, Nophar Levingur

    The relationship between Adi, a teenager, with his mother is Levana, is magical and full of warmth. Levana is a former prima ballerina and revives her passion for dancing with her son, when she teaches him to dance. The story begins with the suspension of Adi from school and he’s obligation to remain at home with his mother's ageing partner.

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