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CHANCEla, The New Black

  • Documentary

  • Country of production: Israel

  • Year of production: 2020

  • Length: 85 minutes

  • Language: Hebrew, English, French and Lingala

    Director & Writer: Boaz A. Rosenberg
    Producers: Boaz Rosenberg & Ronnie Manor
    Cinematography: Itay Gross & Boaz A. Rosenberg
    Editing: Amir Sevilla & Ido Bahat
    Participants: Chancela Mongoza, Jonsi Mongoza, 
    Perfect Mongoza, Perfectlove Mongoza

    Chancela fled home at the age of six. As a young charismatic African-Israeli, he abandons the community for fame and success in the big city. Coming of age, his origins emerge making him fight for his identity and face his violent refugee father. Now comes the inner conflict, tearing him Inside-Out almost like a REBIRTH.  The Birth of his ‘NEW BLACK’. 



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