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  • Drama

  • Country of production: Israel

  • Year of production: 2017

  • Length: 16 minutes

  • Language: Hebrew 

Director, producer: Yaniv Eyal

Writer: Yaniv Eyal

Cinematography: Rami Agami

Editor:  Yaniv Eyal, Dori Lubliner

Actors: Omri Raveh, Yuval Oron, Hadas Eyal, David And Ruth Meller


Amos, a disturbed homosexual goes down to the well once more just to be challenged by his own demons. An ancient cave, a water stream, a child who punches her father’s face while encouraging him to dive into the cold water, forbidden intimacy with a married woman, a kitchen bowl... All feed his own fear that homosexuality has no room for a family.

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