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  • Documentary

  • Country of Production: Israel

  • Year of Production: 2018

  • Length: 75 Minutes

  • Language: Hebrew


Directed by: Yoav Arazi

Produced by: Ella Hefez

Written by: Guy Meirson, Yoav Arazi

Main editor: David Ofek

Cinematography: Gal Genossar

Participants: Ayala Shiftan, Chen Givaty, Maya Sinchi, Reshef Sefer



A true story.

For 70 years, Surka keeps a secret for the reason the Kibbutz was abandoned during Israel's independence war. Her son Ami, who has suffered from shaming, begrudges his mother. Only at the Kibbuts' 80th anniversary does Ami discover Surka's secret, which unfoldes the path to love and forgivness.

גבורות פוסטר 18.jpg


עמי ושורקה מחובקים.jpg
שורקה לא עולה.jpg
עמי ויעל על הגשר0.jpg
פצוע עובר במקלט 48.jpg
עמי בקורס קצינים1.jpg
יעל ועמי 68 נשיקה 4.jpg
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