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 Bon Appetit

  • Fiction

  • Country of production: Israel

  • Year of production: 2020

  • Length: 12 minutes

  • Language: Hebrew

Director: Roi Levy

Producer: Roi Levy

Writers: Tal Michael, Avi Cohen

Cinematographer: Gal Genossar     

Editor: Vladimir Dzyakevich

Cast: Esti Zakhem, Maya Simchi Atar, Ana Shulick, Ran Jacobian


A guy comes with his girlfriend to an apartment in order to sign a contract to work at a sausage factory. She waits for him outside but when he doesn’t return, she slowly she starts to suspect something terrible is going on in the innocent looking apartment.

Poster נקניקי לשובע.jpg
Still 4 נקניקי לשובע.jpg
Bon Apettit - Still 1נקניקי לשובע.jpg
Still 3 נקניקי לשובע.jpg
Still 2 נקניקי לשובע.jpg
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