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And In My Dream

  • Clip

  • Country of Production: Israel

  • Year of Production: 2021

  • Length: 4 Minutes

  • Language: Hebrew


Director: Matan Portnoy

Producer: Noam Tsuriely

Written by: Matan Portnoy, Noam Tsuriely

Edited by: Matan Portnoy, Roy Maayan

Cinematography: Roy Maayan

Cast: Noam Tsuriely, Adi Singer, Elad Maman, Ran Azulay


Noam starts running and doesn’t look back. He has no intention of stopping, even when on the running track he encounters a cyclist, a piano, hurdles and several other scenarios and figures. Where is he running to? To his life’s dream. Will he get there? Who knows, but along the way he finds pleasure in every obstacle and difficulty, and maybe that's the whole point of running.

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