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A Unicorn in Tel Aviv

  • Comedy

  • Country of Production: Israel

  • Year of Production: 2019

  • Length: 20 Minutes

  • Language: Hebrew


Directed by: Zohar Ballas

Produced by: Zohar Ballas

Written by: Zohar Ballas

Cinematografer: Gal Dulev

Edited by: Ori Sinai

Cast: Aviv Terner, Itamar Cohen, Noa Menashe, Ben Izadi



Alonna (28), a romantic who clings to old habits, tries to beat Tel Aviv. The city fights back with cyclists, parking inspectors, and guys who don’t believe in love. Losing hope, she downloads a dating app. Her date with "Mr. Perfect" seems promising, but an unexpected incident turns things around.

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Still 5 חד קרן בתא.jpg
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