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17 Seconds

  • Documentary

  • Country of production: Israel

  • Year of production: 2018

  • Length: 84 minutes

  • Language: Hebrew 

Director: Alon Marom

Producer: Irit Dolev

Writer: Alon Marom

Cinematographers: Asher Ben Yair-Ilan, Alon Marom

Editors: Vitali Krivich, Alon Marom

Participants: Noa Even, Raz Hershko, Mohamed Abuarisha, Ilya Gladishev



A coming of age drama that follows four adolescents, outstanding athletes living at Israel's national sports Academy.

The four are facing a system that pushes them to their limits and forces them to discover whether they have what it takes to become champs or come to realize their youth was spent in vain.

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